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BeadSmith Cordless Bead Reamer (1 set)

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Bead reamers are one secret to professional-grade, long-lasting jewelry.

Whatever their material, many beads arrive with sharp-edged or off-drilled bead holes that can cut through beading thread or cord, scratch metal wire, resist string passage, or even break the bead if too much pressure is applied in stringing. Traditional bead reamers are narrow metal drills with a diamond coating. Used properly, they can reduce bead breakage or waste, and make your stringing a smoother, happier process.

Our cordless electrical bead reamer takes most of the handwork out of smoothing your beads, with its choice of three sizes of diamond bits and powerful motor (2 AA batteries not included). Use the two long, narrow bits to help enlarge the entire hole through the bead (common use: when drilled pearls are too small). Use the wider triangular tip for smoothing just the edges of bead holes. Important: always use with a bead holder or other gripping tool, not your bare fingers. Always use a tiny bit of water to help lubricate the drilling and prevent heat build-up that can damage the bits and crack beads.

If you've never used a bead reamer before, no worries...the back of the product package includes an easy step-by-step guide. Set includes tool, drill case, and three drills.
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Cordless Electric Bead Reamer Diamond Pearl Stringing Tools Jewelry Making

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